PB & J

Dear Diary,

When people make PB & J sandwiches, how thick do they spread the peanut butter and jelly? When I see people make them on TV or in person, they spread both pretty thinly… I do not. I love PB & J and when I make sandwiches, there is probably about a quarter inch at least of peanut butter and about a half inch of jelly. I like the jelly to be oozing out the edges of the sandwich. Am I abnormal? haha. It’s interesting how I got hooked on PB & J. When I was 15, I went on a missions trip to Mexico City with a team of of other kids my age from around the country. Nearly every day on the trip, for over a week, we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Now you would think (as I did) that after eating this every day sometimes for lunch as well as dinner a few times, that once I got back home, I would not want to eat PB & J again for awhile and that it definately wouldn’t be a favorite. But alas, it became a favorite of mine.

So that was a pointless rather random tidbit. I’ve already received some feedback and a couple questions to address in my upcoming post about PPD and PPP. I am pretty excited about it! Keep sending them in!

Today has been, well… interesting. Jadon has decided today he is going to be grouchy and mopey…booo. Not fun, let me tell you! What do you do when your toddler has a mad case of the grumpies? Lilly has been doing pretty good today, all the moisture in the air has made her hair extra curly in the back and it’s so adorable 🙂 Yesterday, she woke up and decided she wanted to wear a princess dress. So Tim put her in her pretty pink princess costume and she paraded around the house in that and her princess cape. Later, she asked me for her “butterfly wings” which I put on her and then she wanted to wear her tutu over it all. I told her “no” but am now regretting that decision wishing I had obliged her and then taken her picture. Matthew is doing pretty good as well! He is growing so fast! I find myself barely being able to keep up with how much he wants to eat! Luckily he is starting to space out his feedings from every 2-3 hours to every 3-4. Gives me a little more of a break and a little more sleep at night too. He is such a good little baby, so soft and snuggly and right now… peely! He is peeling big time on his hands and feet (don’t worry, it’s normal) and I can’t put lotion on his hands, only his feet. Well, hopefully he will finish “molting” soon 🙂

Time for some Q & A:

270. Are you completely in control of your body? HA! I wish! No, sadly I am not.

271. Which is more romantic: an expensive, glittering bouquet OR flowers that were hand picked as they grew beside the parkway? Hand picked flowers are awesome, but not many pick-worthy flowers grow around here so I always get the nice bouquets and I love them 🙂

272. Do you know yourself well enough to understand why you feel the way you do? Sometimes, and when I don’t know, God usually shows me.

273. Which do you do more often: let movies, songs and books put your feelings into words for you or put your feelings into words by yourself? Wow, I would say a good mixture of both songs and doing it myself.

274. Do you believe celebrities when they are endorsing a product? No, not really.

275. What kind of movies do you wish were made more often? Movies based on good classic literature without all the fru-fru and cursing and sex and violence. Just good old fashioned intrigue and mystery with some real romance thrown in 🙂

276. Does fashion matter to you? Is this even a valid question? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?! haha…

277. Should politicians be held to the same legal standards as everyone else? No, I believe their punishment should be more severe.

278. What do you get in trouble for the most? Buying little things I don’t really need.

279. Should parents spank their kids? I absolutely believe that there is a time and place for “spanking” your children and that it should be kept well in-check to avoid crossing any lines into child abuse. Most all children I’ve known who’s parents have properly spanked them have grown up the better for it. Say what you will about the power of “just talking and reasoning” but spanking (for my kids at least) is much more effective. Once you find a toddler who will sit and take you seriously and understand completely while you “reason” with them, come find me, I want to see if this child belongs in MENSA or something.

Till Next Time!



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