Home Again, Home Again…

Dear Diary,

What a relief it is to be home! Yesterday, we got discharged from the hospital around 10:45am. We put Matthew gingerly into his carseat afraid of having to carry a screaming infant through the hospital in his carrier. I remembered that Jadon had screamed for a few minutes after being put in his carseat and cringed. But to our surprise, he didn’t make a peep! He just dozed off and was quiet pretty much the whole way back to my mom’s house.

Once we got to my mom’s house, we had lunch and put the kids down for a nap. I snuggled with Matthew for awhile before handing him over to my mom to be loved on some more. My mom made us a delicious baked mac n’ cheese dinner with corn and biscuits. Growing up, we used to call this “yellow dinner” because all the foods are yellow 🙂 Shortly after dinner, we packed up and put all 3 of our kids (holy cow! we have THREE kids!) into the car and drove off for home. Matthew cried some of the way home because it was nearing his “dinner time” and Jadon found that if he said, “It’s okay Matthew, shhhh it’s okay” that Matthew would calm down and stop fussing. Jadon was very happy with himself until Matthew decided enough was enough and that come hell or high water, it was time to eat and he wouldn’t stop crying until he got what he wanted. Jadon was pretty frustrated that his efforts to calm his brother down were futile and began complaining that “Matthew won’t stop crying, Mom, he just won’t stop!” Meanwhile, Lilly is in the backseat trying to get a word in edgewise about the pretty sunset out her window by yelling, “Yook Mommy yook! It’s PINK!” Tim and I looked at each other and grinned…so this is what having 3 kids is like 🙂 We got home and I fed Matthew while Tim put Jadon & Lilly to bed and then once Matthew was asleep in his Boppy on our bed, we unpacked the car. We smiled with bliss at the soft little warm bundle asleep on our bed and then put him in his cradle in “Baby Corner” so we could shower and get ready to sleep.

Matthew woke up just as I was finishing my shower ready to eat again so I fed him and put him to bed and crawled into bed myself ready for some much needed sleep. Well, Matthew had other plans. He decided it might be fun to just eat and then poop and then eat and then poop and then lay down quietly pretending to sleep until Mommy had just drifted off before starting a screamfest because he wanted to eat…again. After about 3 hours of this madness, and what felt like a ba-jillion dirty diapers later, I woke Tim up and said, “okay, your turn.” My wonderful husband got up and fed Matthew a little formula to try to fill him up a little more and then rocked him to sleep. I flopped onto the bed and passed out for a few hours. Ahhh sweet slumber. At 8:30am, we all woke up and got the day started. I fed and dressed Matthew while Tim took the other 2 downstairs for breakfast. I could hardly wait for Matthew to finish eating so I could try out my baby wrap! I loved it and so did Matthew, but let me just say, putting a sleepy, limp, floppy baby into a baby wrap is much harder than those dolls of Lilly’s I was practicing on.

He took his first morning nap in the wrap while I ate my breakfast and did some laundry and chased Jadon and Lilly around while Tim went to the grocery store. I am so glad he is already used to sleeping through a lot of noise! By the time Tim got home from the store, I had fed Baby (again) and put him down for a nap in his cradle all while managing to keep an eye on Jadon and Lilly who were playing in the loft. I got a big smile from Matthew this morning too!

So far, I have managed to get just enough sleep to stay happy. I struggled very hard with Post Partum Depression and Psychosis after Jadon was born and it’s a very easy and slippery slope to slide down into for me. My patience levels are pretty low, but I am really making an effort to choose to be happy and patient. Sleep really does help as does keeping busy (when I’m not too tired) and thinking positive thoughts. I am so blessed that Tim has this time off to stay home and help me and the kids acclimate.

I will get back to the question and answer portion that I usually do next time. For now, it’s time for me to lay down and rest for a little bit before my Baby Bear wakes up wanting more food 🙂

Till Next Time,



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