Day #2

Dear Diary,

Wow what a night! Poor Matthew had managed to swallow/inhale some liquids as he was being delivered and he’s been working up all the mucous since then. Last night was rough because he kept gagging and needed constant supervision so I was up with him until about 3 am until I couldn’t stay awake anymore, so I asked the nurse to take him down to the nursery to be monitored while he and I slept. We both got a great 4 hour chunk of sleep in before they brought him back up to me for breakfast. He had his newborn screening today and passed in his right ear and “referred” in his left. Basically he still has a little fluid in his left ear, so they will re-check him tomorrow. No biggie 🙂 For now, he is sleeping soundly in the little bassinet next to me and I am waiting for my breakfast. Tim is doing well, we are both still a bit foggy and dazed from our big day yesterday, but we are so happy and excited. Here are some photos:

Till Next Time!



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