Today’s the Day!

Dear Diary,

Well, today I am being induced! Yay! I get to meet and hold the newest little addition to our family soon. The kids are staying with my folks and Tim and I had a nice breakfast with his parents before coming to the hospital this morning. They have started me on a gel to help get my cervix ready and it’s a series of 3 treatments 2 hours apart. I finished the 1st one and am just about to get the 2nd treatment. I am already having some contractions which is good, hopefully they are doing “work.” The doctor and nurses are optimistic that the gel treatments alone will be enough to put me into solid labor which would be great because pitocin is not my favorite. So hopefully they won’t have to resort to that πŸ™‚ We’ll see. It’s going to be a long long day, luckily I can still eat so I am taking advantage of that by eating every few hours to keep my energy up and also to ward off heartburn. Alrighty, well, I will update more later, stay tuned!

Till Next Time!



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