My Little Lady

Dear Diary,

Today I went to Lilly while she was playing and asked her if I could play with her and she said she was too busy, she had to feed her baby, give her baby a bath and put her baby down for a nap. I asked if I could help her and she said, “No sanks.” So I went and sat on the couch and pouted. She is so busy these days, she gets up in the morning and picks out her own clothes and eats her breakfast and then it’s non-stop for her until lunch! She feeds her babies, bathes them, puts them down for about 10 naps, bathes them again and makes about a dozen phonecalls, run errands (mostly to the “pet store”) and on and on it goes. She is gonna make for one involved Big Sister 🙂 She tries to do her own hair and puts in her headbands and looks like an adorable hippy. Today she brought me a hair flower that my friend Krista made her for her birthday and said, “Hey Mommy, can you put this flower in my hair that Aunsie Krisa give me?” I laughed and put it in her hair and then she stuck on of her new headbands with a bunch of rosebuds on it from Grandmama in her hair too and said, “I’m so pretty!” Sweet girl. She asked to put on her tutu the other day so I got out my camera and followed her around while she played with the left over balloons from her party. Got some cute shots of her:

Lately, Lilly has been singing  a lot lately and she’s just adorable. She’s learning to sing on key too! We had been listening to “Funny Girl” on the way home from my parent’s house and the line played that says, “A girl oughta have a sense of humor…” and Jadon goes, “Hey Mom, does Grandmama have a sense of humor?” Tim and I nearly died laughing and I said, “I think so Buddy, you’d have to ask her though.” And evidently during one of my doctor’s appointments not too much later, he did! Took my mom and sister by suprise and when my mom told me about it later, I was a bit suprised that he actually remembered. “Funny Boy!” haha.

The other day, Tim and I were driving separate cars home from Phoenix and on the freeway some jerk thought he would prove his masculinity by nearly hitting me as he was trying to cut me off and weave in and out of traffic. I was LIVID. I laid on my horn and he sped off and I thought, “Where the heck are the cops when you need them????” I was shaking, I was so mad. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know how I feel about idiots on the road 🙂 I called Tim and vented my anger, trying to remember that little ears were perked up in my car. Well as it turns out, he (the idiot) was going the same way as we were and I kept catching glimpses of his stupid truck with the rooster decal on the back window as we headed for home. Once we got into town, I caught up with him and positioned myself stealthily a few cars behind and to the right of him. I was so mad!!! I pulled out a pen and scribbled down his license plate number with a feeling of superiority and thought, “Ha! I could get you in trouble!” Then a remembered my previous experience with the cops and I decided against it. I was still mad, but I felt a little better knowing I had the power… wahaha. Also, I made sure to pass him and look very confident and poised. He probably didn’t even notice, but who cares, it made me feel a little better. Then I looked down at his license plate number that I had jotted down and realized I had written it on the back of a coupon for a free movie rental! Score! I really need to work on this being angry at stupid drivers thing. It’d be so much easier if we didn’t live in a city notorious for idiots on the road… okay yeah that’s not helping.

Q&A Time!!!

260. What would make a great new Crayola color? Wow! Hmm… how about “Road Rage Face”? It would be an ungodly shade of reddish purple.

261. If an art project is created with the intent of getting rich and famous, does that cast doubt over its significance as a work of art?
Wow I have actually thought of this a lot before… I personally, don’t find art as theraputic, soothing and fun when I’m getting paid for it. I think art should not come with the pressure to perform. For me anyway. Other’s do better work under pressure. I am usually that way, but not with art. Besides, I never think of myself as qualified to get paid for anything I do haha.

262. If you became president, whom would you invite to sing at your inauguration? I don’t want to be president, but if I was, I would sing at my own inaugeration…why hire someone to do something you can do yourself? 🙂 haha

Till Next Time!



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