Fourth of July Fun! (pictures!)

Dear Diary,

Well, last night I was pretty convinced I was going into labor! I started having contractions about 11pm and they were getting worse and worse, so I got up since I couldn’t sleep and decided to be productive at 1am and clean the bathroom. I was feeling a lot of pressure and contractions and the pain was getting bad enough that as soon as I finished the bathroom, I went back to bed to lay down. Tim brought me a glass of ice water and over the next 2 hours until 3:30am, the contractions slowly got less painful and furthur apart. Boo 😦 I was really hoping this was it! Nope. So I finally fell asleep as soon as the contractions let up enough to let me which was about 3:30am and I slept until 5:45am when Tim got up to leave for work. I am TIRED today. I have this huge list of things to get done for Lilly’s birthday party on Saturday and this is how I’m feeling about it: 

Yep, totally unmotivated to do any of it. Luckily, most of it doesn’t have to be done until Thursday and Friday so I have today and tomorrow to slack off a bit 🙂

Our long weekend was nice! Friday night, we got together for dinner with the in-laws and then went over to the mall to meet up with our friends Jennifer and Jason and their two precious little ones. We walked around trying to “jump start” my labor and nothing happened. That was frustrating, but at least we got to spend time with friends 🙂 Saturday, Tim woke me up with the news that he had made me waffles for breakfast! I had mentioned the day before that I had been hungry for some waffles and my sweet husband took note and made me some delicious waffles for breakfast. We hung out around the house on Saturday and Tim got some yardwork done 🙂 Go hubby! Our Fourth of July was nice and relaxing. Tim woke me up again in the morning this time, to blueberry muffins! YUM! We had breakfast and got ready to head up to my parent’s house for lunch and swimming. We had a fun time hanging out and the kids had a blast in the pool. Here’s some pictures:

Well, tomorrow morning I have another OB appointment. This time they will be doing an ultrasound to measure Baby and see how much he/she weighs. Please pray that I get a doctor who will actually listen and take this seriously. I keep getting different answers and I am praying that this doctor that I see tomorrow will have mercy on me if this Baby is big which I’m pretty sure it is, and induce me at 39 weeks or so. I will update tomorrow if I can.

Questions & Answer Time!!!!!!!

241. Is fifty dollars a lot of money? depends on what you’re spending it on! 🙂

242. Do you like the band Front 242? Never heard of them.

243. Would you rather have fame, money, or self-satisfaction? Fame is fleeting, money can be corrupting and self-satisfaction can make you feel like you have no need for God.

244. What’s your middle name? Danger…… Ashley Danger Krupnik. haha just kidding, my middle name is Mae.

245. What is the absolute limit, the craziest thing you would do for a million dollars? Can’t think of one, I’ll let you know when I find my limit 🙂

246. Are you good, evil or neutral? No person is naturally good. But thru God, I am awesome! haha

Till Next Time!



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