I’ve Got a Song and My Dancin’ Shoes…Life’s Good!

Dear Diary,

Almost daily, the kids ask me to crank some tunes so they can do “dance time.” They pick out the songs which range from Jack Johnson to Broadway tunes like “Don’t Rain on My Parade” to classical music by Bach and Mozart to 60s rock and roll. The list goes on and on. But basically, I turn on these songs and they dance around together for awhile. It’s so cute. Although lately, Jadon’s turned this into “Let’s See How Cleverly I Can Knock Over My Sister While Still Making It Look Like I’m Dancing.” Oi vey, well, he is a boy πŸ™‚

If there was one philosophy our little Krupnik family is built on besides doing our best to keep God at the center, it would be, “I’ve Got a Song & My Dancin’ Shoes…Life’s Good!” If you’ve spent any time around us, you know it’s like we live in a musical. Randomly, we burst into song and dance. It’s a bit cheesy, but this way of life has helped up stay “up” during the “down” times. About 90% of the time we are in the car is spent singing at the top of our lungs and dancing, I kid you not. We have so much fun together. When I’m at the store with the kids and a song comes on that we know, we sing along and dance. Embarrassing you ask? Well, if you know me, you know I’ve had anough embarrassing moments to where not much really embarrasses me anymore πŸ™‚ And of course Jadon and Lilly are way too young to care what people who stare at us in the store think. So far we’ve managed to keep from knocking over any displays, so we’re good. Tim often lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings and he gets up with the kids and makes m&m pancakes for them. I usually wake up while he’s making them or right after he finishes making them and as I come bumbling down the stairs, they are all usually singing. What a thing to wake up to! πŸ™‚

Speaking of embarrassing moments and shoes, here’s a good one:

My sister’s-in-law Jen and Katy and I all went up to Las Vegas last Septemeber to celebrate Katy’s birthday. Of course I went out and bought the highest heels I could find and a short cute black dress. Β We all got ready in our hotel room and we were looking GOOD πŸ™‚ I hadn’t really ever worn the shoes before except in the carpeted store when I tried them on. “No sweat” I thought, the casinos are carpeted and the sidewalk outside has some grip. Just in case though, I threw my cute flats into my purse in case we did a lot of walking after dinner that night and my feet got tired. We left our hotel room and went down through the casino to the restaurant in Planet Hollywood that we had chosen for dinner. I have a habit of strutting to any music that happens to be playing in public places. Especially when I am in highheels. We made our way through the casino and I felt like Sarah Jessica Parker with my girls strutting in slow motion. My hair was even doing that awesome “create-it’s-own-wind” thing and blowing out behind me. We left the safe carpeted haven of the casino and began walking through the “mall-esque” portion of the hotel which has slick floors that the staff keep pretty clean. I was noticing how very clean the floors are and making a mental note to slow my walk a bit so I wouldn’t fall. Afterall, I was in a little black dress with my new fab heels, my hair and make-up just right…I was on top of the world. …..And then I was on the floor. It all happened in slow motion. First I felt myself catching my breath a bit and then I thought to myself, “Who’s feet are those flying up in front of me? What cute shoes!…WAIT! Those are MY feet!!!” Then I floated through the air for half a second before crashing down onto my rear and breaking my fall with my left arm. In the process, my dress had come up, giving the few people who were “at the right place at the right time” a free show of my bottom half….how Vegas. So when I landed from my small flight to “Embarrassville” did I scramble to cover up and get back on my feet like nothing had happened? No. No, I just sat there stunned and laughing. Jen ran over and helped me pull my dress back down and her and Katy asked if I was okay and all I could manage to say while laughing was, “Owwww.” My wrist and elbow hurt SO bad, I was scared I had fractured one or both of them. I looked around for people to be pointing and laughing and in the distance I saw a few people snickering as they walked along, and then my eyes met the guy at the information desk about 15 feet away who had surely seen the whole thing. He looked bored. I wanted to go explain myself and tell him, “I’m not drunk! It’s my shoes.” But of course this was Vegas, he wouldn’t have believed me. *sigh* After spending about 1 minute and a half on the floor laughing and saying “Owwww” over and over, I finally got up and made my way to a bench to change my shoes. Luckily, the flats I brought went perfectly with my dress! I just kept giggling, that must have looked amazing on the security tapes. We went to dinner and my strut was noticably less pronounced, and my hair didn’t blow itself out as much, but I held my head high and still had a great time. Although the next morning, my arm was pretty much immovable, so I had to hold it atΒ a 90 degree angle most of the day…how fabulous. I was determined that on my first visit to Vegas, I would make in impression. Just not in the floor in Planet Hollywood’s shopping center.

Ahhh no Q&A today, this entry is long enough πŸ™‚

Till Next Time!



One thought on “I’ve Got a Song and My Dancin’ Shoes…Life’s Good!

  1. Hahaha! Ashley you did such an amazing job of describing that! So funny! By the way, you are always FABULOUS in my book!

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