So Far So Good!

Dear Diary,

Well, so far so good! It’s been a good day so far! My mom and sister came down to watch the kids and play with play-doh while I went to my doctor’s appointment. I had a long “prep talk” with Jadon before they got here and made it clear that he was to be obedient and respectful etc. He had a very serious look on his face and said very solemnly, “Okay Mommy, Ima be a good boy.” The whole time I was at my appointment I was praying nervously that he would remember our talk and be “a good boy.” When I got home, I nervously asked my mom how it went and to my total relief, she said it went GREAT! YAY!!!!! I was so encouraged. It’s the best feeling when you’ve been working so hard to discipline and train your kids in the way they should go and then have it pay off! I was so frustrated after last week, but now I am encouraged and ready to keep up the consistancy and encourage him to continue to behave.

Good news from my doctor: I am allowed to go off the nifedipine as of…today! Because of all the symptoms I’ve been having the last week and especially the last few days, my Dr. said it sounds like my body is trying to go into labor and since if I did, they wouldn’t stop it at this point, she basically said there’s no point to me taking it anymore unless I really want to. Very excited, but trying not to get my hopes up. It often happens that women go off the meds and then are overdue. Just gotta let nature take its course. It’s great to be going off the meds and get away from all the side effects, but I now have about a 6 week window where I could “go anytime” haha. Makes planning things difficult, but we’ll roll with whatever happens.

I am looking forward to the weekend! Tim’s new job lets him out at 4pm instead of 5pm, so he gets home earlier! So fun! I am looking forward to spending some time with him this weekend and then hopefully next Friday, we can resume date night since I am not on bedrest! Woo hoo!

Alrighty well, that’s all for now:) Here’s some questions and answers:

208. Who is your favorite poet of those who are alive right now? Hmmm I don’t know! Tim 🙂 heehee

209. What is your favorite song from the 90’s? Oh man, let’s see… I like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

210. If you were in alphabet soup what letter would you be? “S” because it’s sassy 🙂

211. Do you believe in fairies, ghosts, aliens, angels, dwarves, elves, etc.? I have seen ghosts and angels so I believe both exist, as for the rest, I’m not sure lol

212. What makes you want to be someone’s friend? The amount of dedication they are willing to invest in a relationship. But I am pretty much everyone’s friend that I know, so… I just like having friends 🙂

213. Do you troll around the Internet harassing people anonymously for fun? Wait, you can do that? I think I’ve found a new hobby! Excuse me….

Till Next Time,



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