Dear Diary,

The last few days have been kinda rough. I’ve been having contractions a lot and feeling pretty icky. Today I’ve had contractions irregularly pretty much non-stop all day no matter what I do, they won’t go away. I wonder how much longer Baby will be staying “in”? Right now I am sitting on the couch chillin’ and watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals (Celtics vs. Lakers). The kids have been pretty well-behaved the last few days, of course they are kids and they do have their moments, but all things considered, they’ve been good. I feel bad for them though because they are going stir-crazy at home and wanna get out of the house so bad and the last few days, I really haven’t been up for taking them anywhere. Hopefully on Saturday maybe Tim and I can take them out somewere. We are finishing up getting everything ready for Baby to get here. Folding and sorting clothes, making sure WE are packed, etc. There’s a packed bag for the kids already at my parent’s house haha. I feel super prepared as opposed to last time when Lilly unexpectedly came 3.5 weeks early and we were totally unprepared. Not this time 🙂

Well, I don’t have much to write this time so we’ll go ahead and skip to Q & A:

202. What do you feel unworthy of? God’s love and Tim’s love 🙂

203. Would you rather be remembered for having done something for humanity or being a really nice person? I don’t see the difference here lol, if you’re a really nice person, you’d be doing things for people, right?

204. Which do you value more: science or intuition? I value both pretty equally.

205. Your best friend and your significant other are in the hospital at the same time with the same ailment. Who do you visit first? Whew! Lucky me, because my significant other and best friend are one and the same 🙂 But if we aren’t counting that, then of course I would visit my hubby first and my best friend would understand!

206. Does the universe revolve around human beings? Not sure what this question is supposed to mean…

207. If you are no longer a virgin, do you wish you still were? Uhh nope.

Till Next Time!



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