Who are you and what have you done with my kid?!

Dear Diary,

Today I had another cry fest after Tim got home from work. I am tired, I am sore, I am frustrated with Jadon’s behavior of late and mostly….I am tired. He’s doing okay with just me, in fact I thought he was getting better. But whenever Tim comes home, or he goes to someone else’s house it’s like he’s a different kid altogether! (Who are you? and What have you done with my kid?!) I am trying my best to stay consistant, it’s really hard because I’m supposed to be on bedrest. Guess whatever I am doing isn’t enough and that is what irritates me the most. Ahhhh….well, tomorrow is another day.

On a happier note, my doctor’s appointment went well today. My mom was nice enough to come down and watch the kids while I went which is such a help! So it looks like I will be on the nifedipine for another 2.5 weeks until I get to 36 weeks! If I haven’t delivered before 37 weeks, they will do an ultrasound to try to determine the baby’s weight and then possibly induce me around that time since I have such big babies. I am not dialted any furthur which is good and besides that every else looks great! It’s crazy to me to think that I could deliver as soon as 2.5 weeks from now! Of course I am not getting my hopes up because they predicted the same thing with Jadon and I went to 41+ weeks. Ugh, luckily they won’t let me go that far again.

Well, today’s entry is a short one, I’m not really in a writing mood. But here’s some questions and answers:

191. When you see a stranger on the street does your first reaction lean towards thinking of this person as a potential friend or as a potential threat? Honestly it depends on what the person looks like haha.

192. Is it natural for human beings to fear and distrust each other, or is it cultural? I think it’s human nature to fear and distrust.

193. What do you really want to buy? Well right now, I just want to have enough money in the bank to pay for the hospital bills we have coming and hopefully have enough to still take the kids to Disneyland in November.

194. You have to choose. Would you be happier marrying someone rich for their money or living in the streets and subway tunnels with someone you love? Haha I think living with Tim in the streets and subway tunnels would be an adventure! Of course it’d be a lot harder with kids

195. If someone wanted to understand you what book could they read that would help? My (unwritten so far) autobiography! haha

Till Next Time!



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