Memorial Day

Dear Diary,
Yesterday was Memorial Day and what a good day it was! (For the most part) We had donuts for breakfast and then hung out for a bit before getting ready to go out to a Splash Pad.

We had to swing by my in-laws house to pick up Jadon’s little stuffed dog, “Max.” He left it at their house Sunday afternoon and was brokenhearted not to have him Sunday night for bed. It was pitiful. He was so happy to see Max again! After we picked up the long lost doggie, we went to lunch really quick at Wendy’s before going to San Tan Mall to the splash pad. We got a killer parking spot super close to the Splash Pad which was nice since I’m not supposed to be doing a whole lot of walking at this point. We got to the Splash Pad and got settled on the side and said, “Okay kiddos, go play!” No one moved. Lilly started fussing and wanted to sit on Tim’s lap and Jadon just kept repeating, “I don’t like it, I don’t wanna go, I don’t like it.” I said, “Bug, you haven’t tried it, you can’t say you don’t like it!” He just grumped out and sat down next to me. We kept trying to “push” them into going out there to have fun, but it looked like they may not go after all. Lame sauce. I was a little irritated. It was almost time for them to close the pad for 30 minutes to clean it, so I asked Tim to go get the stroller from the car so we could walk around for 30 minutes and then come back once it re-opened and try again. So he left to get the stroller and then all of the sudden I look up and both kids are inching towards the Splash Pad. I put on my uber-happy face. (You know the one I mean, when you’re trying to overdo the “happy” to get your kids to be okay with something.) “Go guys go!” I cheered. They both wandered up to one of the water holes that wasn’t shooting water 5 ft into the air and played with the little wimpy stream of water coming barely 6 inches out of the hole. I didn’t even care, I was just happy they had gotten out there!

By the time Tim got back with the stroller and asked, “Hey where are the kids?” I pointed to the Splash Pad where Lilly was running around giggling and Jadon was playing in the water and getting all wet. *Proud Mommy moment* I know it sounds stupid, but I was really proud of them for trying something new and I was relieved that they loved it!

Well, Jadon loved it. Lilly liked running around with all the kids and getting her hands wet, but if the water sprayed her or got a drop on her, she would come running back to me doing her velociraptor impression. It was sad and funny all at the same time.

Then the Splash Pad closed for cleaning and we went and walked around for a bit. James and Katy met up with us shortly before we were going to head back. We all went back to the now open Splash Pad and watched the kids play some more. They had so much fun until poor Jadon was running after we had told him to slow down and he fell and hit his head 😦 I wrapped him in a towel and we sat and watched Lilly play for a bit until both kids were ready to go home. We parted ways with James and Katy and they went off shopping and we took a potty break and then went back to the car. We were SO hot at that point, it was so nice to be in the nice air conditioned car! We started the drive home and we figured Lilly would be asleep soon. Oh contraire, haha she was happy as ever in the backseat.

Jadon, on the other hand, was out cold. Sweet boy he was so tired he fell asleep with Max and couldn’t be bothered to wake up haha.

He woke up as soon as we got home and we all watched Wallace & Gromit before making up some chicken nachos for dinner. Yum! The nice thing about skipping afternoon naps is that both kids go to bed early and leave more time for Tim and I to hang out at night 🙂

I started packing up our hospital bag last night. The kid’s bag is already packed and in the car and the carseat base is in the car and the carseat iteself (being gender specific) in is a trashbag in the back of the car all ready to go. We hope not to have to put it to use for a few more weeks yet, but after Lilly came so unexpectedly, I wouldn’t want to be caught off guard again 🙂 You would think since I’ve had 2 kids before that packing a hospital bag would be easy, but it isn’t! For some reason (I’ll blame it on the hormones, thank you!) I never remember everything I need. I seem to overpack and then forget essentials. So annoying since I am usually an expert packer! I am so happy we’ve made it to 32 weeks! Next goal is to make it to 34 weeks. At 34 weeks gestation, they learn the suck and swallow reflexes that allow them to eat properly and if born at 34 weeks, Baby may not need more than a few days if any time in the NICU after birth. Of course I would love for Baby to stay in till 37 weeks, but I understand it’s a very real possibility that it may not work out that way and I am okay with that. God has given me a lot of peace about the whole thing and I know that no matter what happens, that God works it for the good. So right now I am just praying for the health of the baby and a smooth delivery. If God wants the baby to be born early, so be it! I am just praying for His will to be done. I am so excited to be able to tell everyone the gender and name of this precious new addition 🙂  This baby is going to be so cute too and I cannot wait to hold him/her in my arms and cuddle them close. I can’t believe I am so close to the end of this last journey in pregnancy! Even if I go to 41 weeks, that only gives me 9 weeks left! Or if I deliver after they take me off the meds at 35-36 weeks, I’ve only got 3-4 more weeks! AHH!

Okay then, let finish this up with some Q & A:

150. What is your quest? My quest is to be the best wife to my husband Tim and the best Mommy to my babies and to follow Christ with all my heart.

151. What is louder and more annoying: 200 adults talking or one four-year-old screaming? One four-year-old haha

152. Do you believe the stories about planes, boats and people mysteriously disappearing into the Bermuda triangle? I do believe some of them.

153. Who are you the most jealous of? Women who are already 36+ weeks along haha. I am so ready to be rid of this insomia and constant heartburn :/

154. What is the happiest way you can start your day? Waking up to Tim kissing my forehead and saying, “Good morning, Beautiful.”

155. Do you ever have moments where you feel like everything is all right in the world? Many of them! I love my life and the people in it! 🙂

156. Who thinks that you are offensive? Eh I am not sure. I know my mom thinks I am inappropriate at times when I crack jokes, but it’s kind of fun to shock her 😉 hehe been doing that since I was little.

157. If you had to teach a class in something, what would you be able to teach people? I would co-teach a marriage class with Tim 🙂

Till Next Time!



3 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I’m still going for 37.5 weeks! Love you Ash! Thanks for sharing your Splash Pad day, the pictures were great with the text.

  2. Ashley, i know that you and i dont know each other all that well, when we were in youth at desert springs i was much younger then you. however, ive been reading your blogs daily since you started! i know that many times in your blogs you have said how your life isnt pain free, and your and tims marriage isnt perfect, but as an outsider looking in you have a beautiful life. just reading about your life i see that you have a very pure soul. you are everything and more that i hope to be,not only as a women, but as a wife and a “one day” mommy as well, i wouldnt go as far as saying “ashley loper i envy you” for i know that god wouldnt be to happy with me if that statement was true lol but you seem like a great wife, you respect tim, show him love, gave him gorgeous babies, and keep a nice house! blog after blog is you talking about cooking and cleaning, you cant find many women these days with a heart like yours, at the age you are. the blog where you explained how you love your job, raising your babies, seeing them grow and all the things that you get to be for your children made my heart smile 🙂 you truly do have the best job in the world, and are very blessed to see jadon, lily, and baby#3 grow each day. you get to teach and allow them to see the beauty in the world that you and tim provide, and you also get to share with them the glory and love of our savior.

    i apologize about the comment on facebook, believe me when i say, no baby is ever a mistake, by the grace a power of god a baby shall come. it was very wrong and out of place for me to make that comment that i did. all my friends saw it, and i believe i may have offended you, and i would like to say that im sorry.

    you seem like a very strong women, independent, loved, submissive, beautiful, god loving individual.

    i just wanted to tell you that i think you have a very beautiful family! i love reading your blogs:)


  3. Thanks Adrienne, I appreciate your honesty! I appreciate your apology as well. I think it struck a chord with me especially because so many people acted like Jadon was a mistake because we got pregnant so soon after getting married and it really hurt that people would say or think that about such a precious gift from the Lord. Glad to know you enjoy the blog 🙂

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