Day 2

Dear Diary,

Please pardon my awful spelling, I am exhausted. This update’s going to be short. Basically, my contractions haven’t stopped, but they are only 1-2 per hour and thats acceptable to the doctors. As soon as I am within the “effective window” of the steroids for the baby (1am tomorrow morning) they will begin weaning me off of the magnesium drip and onto an oral medication, likely nifedipine. (sp?) I will then be consistantly on that until 36 weeks. I took some ambien last night per the doctor’s suggestion to help me get some sleep. That was weird. It mad me hallucinate big time before I was actually able to fall asleep. I got a great 6 hour pretty solid chunk of sleep from about 4am-10am. The effects are still wearing off so my speech is a bit slow, I am very sluggish and my eyes are heavy. I will probably try to go back to sleep. I have these things on my lower legs that alternately squueze my ankles and calves about every 5 seconds to keep me from getting blood clots in my legs since I’m on total bedrest. Hoepfully I will be able to get up and move around a little after they take me off of the mag drip. So the plan is to get me off the mag drip, onto the nifedipine and home to strict bedrest. They are hoping to get me to 36 weeks at this point, but we met with a neo-natal nurse last night who gave us a good ides about what to expect in case Baby doesn’t wait that long. Bottom line is, if Baby were born at this point, evrything would liekly be fine, but Baby would be here in the hopsital until first of July at least. The doctors think I got an infection of some sort, they have no idea what, but they are treating both me and Baby with antibiotics and the doctors are confident that once the source of the contracxtions (infection) is dealt with and remedied via medication, the contractions should stop and if I’m faithful with the at home meds, there’s no reason I shouldn’t make it to or even past 36 weeks. So in general, the prognosis is good:)

Again, I do apologize for the spelling, I know it’s bad, but right now I can barely see straight enough to type at all haha. Ahhh well I hope you all are doing well! Much love.

Till Next Time!



2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Thanks for the update girly!!! I am keeping you in my prayers still!!! I know God’s hand is upon You and the Baby…take care of YOU…don’t do too much which I know is laughable when you are preggo with kids. I know the bedrest thing all to well with 2 kiddos and having to take one to school at that because Jerry was working…I know that God is covering you guys. I pray that He make the way smooth as you wait for baby to finish baking! You are a mighty warrior and conqueror Mommy and you are doing wonderful. Force yourself to rest and not move around…as much as you want to…loves and hugs and look forward to the next update! God bless chicadee!

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