At the Hospital:(

Dear Diary,

Ohhhhhhhh deeeeear Lord, I am one miserable mama right now. I came into the hospital around 8:30pm last night with contractions that wouldn’t quit. They hooked me up to monitors and gave me some meds to try to stop the contractions. No go. Then they gave me more meds. Still, no go. Then they checked me and found that I was dialated about 2.5cm. Not good. So they decided to admit me and start me on an IV from hell. Also known as a magnesium drip. It’s supposed to help the contractions. The performance is spotty. It works for awhile and then it doesn’t. Basically, it just makes you feel like death. Imagine you have the flu- fever, aches etc. and then multiply that by 50. That is about how you feel on magnesium. It literally hurts to exist. Everytime I move my head I feel like I will fall out of bed. The discomfort is either getting a little better or I’m getting used to it. They have taken my blood a total of 3 times so far this morning. Turns out I am severly anemic so they are hoping not to have to do a blood transfusion. Isn’t this fun?:)

Baby is doing fine. Heartrate and movement is good. I got a steroid shot to help mature the lungs in case Baby is determined to make an early appearance. I have a booster steroid shot again at 1am tomorrow morning. I am also on anti-biotics just in case. I didn’t really sleep at all last night so today I am trying to get some sleep to help my body recoup. If you would like to come by and say “hello”, you are welcome to text Tim or I and swing by, but be warned, I look very sick and feel horrible so I won’t be up to hanging out for long periods of time.

I will try to keep this updated as I feel up to updating it. Thank you so much for all your prayers and texts of encouragement, please don’t feel offended if I do not respond right away or at all. It’s a but tough for me to text. Much love:)

Till Next Time!



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