Note to Self: Pregnant, not Fat

Dear Diary,

So far, this weekend has been pretty great! It started early on Friday since Tim took the day off to attend his brother James’ graduation from ASU. (CONGRATS JAMES!!!) I had this day perfectly planned out. We were going to have lunch with the Krupnik side of the family at “BJ’s Brewery”, and then we were going to go get my and Lilly’s blood taken. I had to do the 1 hour glucose test so as soon as Lilly was done, Tim was going to take both kids to my mom’s house where they could nap and then I would join up with them after my test was done. Then later, Tim and I were going to Benihana’s (finally!) for my now belated birthday dinner:) Sounds like a great plan right? I thought so!

Well, for starters, the day started out pretty sad. I went to get dressed and all was going great until I had to put on my pants. (sounds like a typical beginning to a bad day in the life of a girl, huh? haha) Well, the pants went on okay, but then I went to zip and button them. Ready? Suck it in! and….GO! ………Nope, not even close! I couldn’t believe this! My pants have always fit me fine right up until 2 or so weeks before delivery. I tried on my more “forgiving” jeans. (AKA my “fat” jeans) I thought, “Okay, don’t panic, these will fit for sure!” Ready? Suck it in! and…. GO! …..I was on my tip toes, leaning back, and jumping like a fish out of water trying to get those darn jeans around my belly. No way no how:( A little of me died inside. I bit my lip and tried not to cry. “I’m just pregnant, everything will go back to normal after Baby comes.” I only have one pair of maternity jeans which were dirty so what did I do? I wore my jeans unbottoned and unzipped with a VERY long shirt. Ha! Universe, I showed YOU! I emerged from my closet feeling SUPER huge and a little victorious.

We made it to the restaurant and had a nice lunch with the family. Question: Who invented those restaurant deli sandwiches that are about 5 inches tall?! I can barely pick it up much less take a bite! The turkey sandwich was great, but goodness gracious it was tall! Well lunch ended and it was time to go get all the bloodwork done. I was not looking forward to this. We got into the car and went to drop Tim off at  his car so that we could all go together. I called Lab Corp and found a location just down the street so I went to get the order for Lilly’s bloodwork out of the diaperbag where I had stashed it so I would always have it for when I needed it and had the opportunity to go. Well, long story short, the order was gone and I was MAD. Where had it gone? I looked in all the pockets about 10 ba-zillion times, each time becoming more and more irritated. I felt and probably looked like the Grinch. I had a “grinchy” expression on my face and my pants were 2 sizes too small. Well, there went that well-laid plan. I love love LOVE plans and when things don’t go accordingly, sometimes it really really messes with my brain.  Tim suggested he take the kids and meet up with his folks for ice cream while I go get myself some new pants. Sounded good to me, so I took his car and went out looking for maternity jeans. Which I did not find because evidentally it’s a crime to carry them once the temperature is above 80 degrees. All anyone had were shorts and capris. So I bought some cute long gauzy skirts, a pretty white summer dress and some shirts. Most all of which I should still be able to rock post baby!  Woohoo! I met Tim and the kids over at my mom’s house after shopping and hung out. We had reservations for 2 at Benihana’s for 6pm and I wore one of my new skirts:) If you’ve never been to Benihana’s, it’s a Japanese food place where they cook all your food in front of you. There are probably about 15 grills inside the restaurant and around each grill, you can seat up to 8 people. The chef makes a show out of cooking your food for you and it’s really fun! However, it can be a bit awkward sitting at a table with people you don’t know, and even more awkward when those people sitting across from you are an overly tanned and leathery lady with a mustache and her husband who looks like “Gary Busey.” I am not gonna lie, Tim and I giggled a little. It was fun and relaxing though and the chef we got was super nice. Random Ashley Fact: I HATE shrimp. It grosses me out to no end. But…I will eat it at Benihana’s! Partially because I am paying an arm and a leg for it, but also because the way they make it is so yummy!

Well, after dinner, we went to the mall to Sephora to pick up my “free birthday gift.” You know, these companies that give you free samples on your birthday are pretty stingy! They don’t really get the whole “birthday spirit.” If I gave my friend the teeny tiny sample size mascara they gave me with a smile and a “happy birthday”, I don’t think my friend would be so amused. Oh well, haha. After that, we ran into my friend Jennifer on the way to the car. Sadly we didn’t have much time to talk, but in the car afterward, Tim and I agreed we should get together with them for a double date soon! We then went over to a hotel where Tim’s parents were leading a marriage seminar. We sat in for the last 45 minutes of it and it was great! It’s pretty cool to have parents that teach things. My folks taught parenting classes during a good part of my childhood and I was always proud of that. So it’s neat to see Tim’s parents teaching and sharing stories about their marriage to encourage and help other couples. After the conference ended, we went and grabbed some late night coffee with them and also Elmon and Brittany and Addison. That was fun! Then it was back to my parent’s house to pick up the kiddos and go home.

Today I woke up early this morning for my “spa day.” I was so excited! I had such a fun and relaxing few hours and came out feeling awesome and relaxed: mission accomplished:) All in all, this has been a great weekend so far and know what? We still have Sunday! Woo hoo! Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks! Man, time is flying by:) Gonna skip the questions and answers for today since this blog is already pretty lengthy, thanks for hangin’ in there with me!

Till Next Time!



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