Tales of the Weekend & A Case of the Mondays

Dear Diary,

Praise God, I made it to my third trimester:) 27 weeks as of yesterday!

Well today I definately have a case of the “mondays.” I have no motivation to do anything. When Tim got the job he has now which is a regular Mon-Fri schedule, I found myself in such a lull on most Mondays so I decided I would schedule as little housework as possible on Mondays and that Mondays would be a fun day with the kids. We literally just hang out, read and play (and nap, thankfully) all day! It’s given me something to look forward to about Monday. Also, Tim gets a few Mondays off for federal Holidays throughout the year, so when is home on Mondays, I have nothing to do but spend time with him and the kids:) But today my hips are killing me and I don’t even feel like having fun:( Maybe we’ll make today a reading/Disney movie day!

Yesterday in the car on the way up to Phoenix, I was playing “DJ” and taking requests for songs to play on the iPod from the kiddos. Lilly’s favorite song right now is “Don’t Rain On My Parade” so naturally she asked to hear it. I began playing the song and I am pretty used to hearing the kids sing along to songs in the car, but boy were Tim and I in for a suprise! I have never heard them sing with so much gusto! They knew nearly all the words and both were just belting out the song with all their heart. It was absolutely the most hilarious and cutest thing ever. I really need to try to catch that on video sometime!

Momo and Papaw (my mom’s parents) were up this weekend for Katy’s baby shower and Jadon was really looking forward to “talking airplanes” with Papaw. He recently got a couple vintage looking metal airplanes and kept asking me questions about them. I had no idea what to answer him, so I told him he should ask Papaw when he came to town. Jadon’s eyes lit up, he loves his Papaw so much and really looks up to him. It’s so precious to watch them both together, they have such a sweet relationship. My kids are so blessed to have 3 sets of Great-Grandparents around! I would give anything for another day with my GreatGrandma Bea. I miss her so much. I know she would have loved Tim and the kids and they would have adored her….*sigh*tear* I am so happy she is waiting for us all in Heaven though:)

Well, Katy’s baby shower was awesome and really fun! Jen, my sister-in-law did an amazing job, everyone at the shower seemed to have a great time! Also, big thanks to Brittany for being an awesome hostess. You ladies are awesome and I know Katy must have felt so blessed:) Here’s a slideshow of some photos I took yesterday:

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Till Next Time,



One thought on “Tales of the Weekend & A Case of the Mondays

  1. You know my Monday’s are like that too and I decided the same thing to just let that be my “do as little as possible” day…I mean you can’t escape all the work with kiddos and food, but a good day to just kinda rest definitely helps! For me especially because with Friday Night Youth to Sunday-ALLday(2services, Armour Bearers, Prayer Service) I am all poured out and very pooped out! Some Monday’s are harder than others that is for sure…like today! My hips don’t hurt but I was so tired that I slept through all 5 of my alarms and the boys were late to school! Yay for Mondays! šŸ™‚

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