Flip- Flopped

Dear Diary,

Last night’s date night was so fun, Tim and I just hung out around town and I got “snow” (plain ice) from Bahama Bucks which I had been craving. Then we met our besties Tyler and Krista for dinner:) So fun! Well, Tim and I were driving around and I was telling him about how sometimes the littlest things get on my nerves when I’m pregnant. My example was when Jadon puts his flip-flops on the wrong feet AFTER he asks me which feet they go on. I tell him and somehow he still manages to put them on a wrong feet. I don’t know why but it irritates me so much haha. Tim just laughed and pulled into a parking spot while I slid my own flip flops on and grabbed my purse. I got out of th car and started walking when I thought, “Woah, these flip flops feel weird…” I looked down and of course…they were on the wrong feet. Touche God, touche. It’s funny oftentimes when God reminds you you’re not “all that and a bag of chips.”

Well today I am off in a few minutes to go to….the Post Office! haha My favorite:) At least this time the kids will not be going with me. Then I’m off to do my sisters’ hair for prom, I’ll take pictures and post them later. Hopefully they like how their hair turns out! Lucky for them, I’m only charging them 75% of what I usually charge;) hehe. Just kidding. Luckily for them (and a lot of other people) I don’t charge:) I love doing hair! So fun.

Yesterday was definately a better day as far as the kids were concerned. It wasn’t amazing, but it was better. We had less issues and the kids were generally in good moods! It was very encouraging. My hope is restored, BRING ON BABY # 3! hehe.

This one is short today because I’ve gotta go get busy!

Till Next Time,


One thought on “Flip- Flopped

  1. I just love readin these…you always put a smile on my face…God does have a big sense of humor…ahhh to peak into the mind of another fellow mommy…
    Loves & Hugs,

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