I’m beginning to wonder…

Dear Diary,

AHH! Can I do this?! Can I handle 3 kids all at the SAME time?! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now by just 2:( I was hoping for a better day today and it pretty much wasn’t. Same issues with both kids. Jadon just seems to try to do whatever he wants to and I’m trying to teach him to obey me and well, today didn’t feel like a success. Plus now he’s breakin’ out the “water works” every time he doesn’t get his way. What is that? He’s never been so emotional before, I don’t know. It’ll not all bad with both of them all the time, but today left me feeling like I need a vacation. My spa day on May 15th can’t get here fast enough!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Last day of the week and date night! Thankfully, my kids do seem better behaved at my parents then they do with me:) We are going to a late dinner with our besties Tyler and Krista Leuning. It really is so great to have them around! Another young married couple to relate to and share things with. Love it!

So my doctor’s appointment today went pretty well. I felt like a good mom because I packed snacks for the kids and myself to take since I knew the total appointment was going to take at least an hour. We went into the ultrasound first and the lady doing it was impatient and rushed. I hate that because when the techs are like that, they don’t really care that you are spending money for the ultrasound and to see your baby, all they care about is getting you in and out. Very irritating. Of course, Baby was not cooperating either. Baby is now head down and was facing my back so pictures especially of the face were impossible to get. I offered to lay on my side so that maybe the Baby would roll to the side but she just rolled her eyes and said, “It’s okay, maybe next time.” Grrrr….. My consult afterwards went well, seems my cervix is just fine, no opening or shortening despite all the contractions I’ve been having which is truly miraculous! Of course it makes me a little worried though that they won’t do anything later when they are actually supposed to. I am just relieved that I don’t need meds right now! Those meds are not fun. All in all the appointment went well and for that I am thankful:)

Well, I know today was not great as far as dealings with the kiddos, but I still remain optimistic that tomorrow will be great. The nice thing is that I know my kids, I know they are sweet, caring and loving. So when they have bad days like yesterday and today, I just remind myself that we all have “bad days” and that I know who they really are. This optimism must be a gift to Mothers from God:)

Till Next Time,


3 thoughts on “I’m beginning to wonder…

  1. Hey gal…from one mommy of 3 to you…the kiddos begin to act emotional because you are preggo and so it is good days and bad days as they deal with the new changes as well as you dealing with them. For me the transition from 2 to 3 was super easy…it was the 1 to 2 that I mentally broke down…(that’s another story)…but the closer to delivery I always see more outward emotions in kids, mine and others. Be strong mommy…enjoy your spa day when it comes. Continue being thankful that your body is being obedient to the waiting process…I know that by #3 I felt everything, had more contractions all the way through, and just be prepared now in case you intensely feel your afterpains after delivery. Day 2 of being at home and I woke up to nurse Jae and had the worse pain come on that landed me on an Ambulence trip all to find out it was bad gas and afterpains and of course nursing helps your uterus contract back to normal size faster which causes more pains…ok I don’t mean to be scary…that was just me…but as far as the kiddos…I think everyone will be fine…YOU CAN DO THIS!!! YOU WERE MADE TO! 🙂 and for your body, it’s practicing now for later getting your uterus used to doing what it’s supposed to do at the right time. Us mommies have to stick together…so be encouraged…you are beautiful and on the right track. God knew what He was doing with you and your fam and He is covering you the whole way. To rushing ultrasound tech’s…BOO!!! and so may your next one be awesome! Kuddos for prep time during an interrupted naptime…from what I see and hear you seem to be an awesome mommy!

    Loves and Hugs

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement:) It really means a lot for my fellow mommies to be so amazing! I know what you mean about everything being amplified physically with the 3rd, so intense! My mom told me about the afterbirth pains and though I’m not looking forward to them, I’m determined to nurse thru them and just look into my beautiful Baby’s face and count my blessings!
      Much love!

  2. Us mommies got to stick together…and remind each other why we do what we do and encourage each other along the way…it takes a villiage to raise a child but also to keep the mommies happy and sane as well…hahahaha! 🙂

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