Sally Hansen Can’t Touch this!

Dear Diary,

So I bought some Sally Hansen “Extreme Wear” polish and decided to try it out thinking it may last longer than the “run of the mill” polish I have been wearing. So far, whatever it is that Sally Hansen does that’s so “extreme” is nothing compared to raising 2 children and doing housework. I have yet to try the clear coat polish, but I’m not impressed so far.
Today has been a taxing day on my patience. Both kids seem to be pushing all my buttons simultanteously and I’ve had to shut myself in the bathroom for a 2 minute “Mommy Time-out” a few times today. Being on bedrest definately doesn’t help either, I’ve been having lots of contractions today, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch. The kids know when I’m having a “bad day” that I have to stay on the couch and usually they are both pretty good about keeping themselves entertained and not pushing limits, but then there are times when they know they have me over a barrel and they LIKE it! Ugh. I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but disciplining all day:( Not a way I enjoy spending my day! But hopefully the consistency I was able to maintain, though not as much as usual, will pay off in the form of a good day tomorrow. Also, what is it with the fiendish delight they seem to get when the other one gets in trouble?! Lilly got in trouble for climbing up the stairs by herself today (which in case you haven’t guessed, she isn’t supposed to do.) and after she got punished and brought back down stairs, Jadon comes running up and with a big smile on his face goes, “So did you spank her, Mommy??” Oye. Then later, Jadon was in trouble and sitting on his bed in “time-out” and he was throwing a fit on his bed and I was walking with Lilly to her room to change her diaper and she’s singing to herself, “J.J.’s in trouble, J.J.’s in trouble…” ARE YOU KIDDING?! lol
It’s days like this that make me wish my pregnancy would go by faster and just be done. Makes me feel bad though because I’m supposed to be cherishing this pregnancy as my last one, and when I wish it to be over so soon, I feel bad:(

Well, my day is about to get like 5o times better, Tim is bringing home a Venti Double Chocolatey Chip Blended Creme with Peppermint (caffiene and coffee free- woohoo!) from Starbucks:) That man knows how to make this girl happy. It’s also days like this when I’m thankful my family likes frozen pizza, because that’s all I feel like making. Let’s keep our chin up that tomorrow is a better day!

Till Next Time,



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