Dear Diary,

Today is a major fat day for me:( I’m very discouraged and frusterated that I don’t fit into ANY of my clothes it seems except the grungy ones! Yes, yes, I know I’m pregnant and I’m supposed to be getting bigger, but I love my clothes and I hate not fitting into them. Had a major meltdown this evening about not having anything pretty in my closet that seems to fit. But I count my blessings and I know that soon I will be holding a beautiful baby in my arms. Just seems sometimes that day cannot come fast enough. I really dislike feeling this emotional about getting bigger, I know it has to happen, it’s just frusterating. Also, just a word of warning, if I see you and you say something like, “Wow, you’re getting bigger!” I may just burst into tears. Consider yourself warned. Tomorrow will be better, I’m sure. 

Today we watched a TV show where a woman gives birth and because it was a pretty tame version of what actually happens, I decided to let the kids watch it with me and talk to them about it! It was such a wonderful experience. Jadon totally thought the baby came out of the lady’s bellybutton and I am fine with him thinking that for a good while haha. Both kids were engaged while she was pushing and were very focused and as soon as the baby came out and the doctor held it up, both kids simultaneously went, “Awwww so sweet!” Both of them could not stop gushing about how cute the baby was and how it was “just like the baby in mommy’s tummy!” Jadon nearly started crying he was so excited! Haha. For about 20-30 minutes and then all over again once Tim got home, they relived this over and over and expressed how much they loved me and the baby and how excited they were. Jadon was saying how he wants to wrap the baby in his Spiderman blanket and snuggle and have Baby sleep with him in his bed. He is going to be such a nurturing big brother even more so than he is now. Lilly is also looking forward to holding the Baby and helping to give a bottle.

Got a lot of housework done today, so proud of myself! haha Even housework seems like a major accomplishment to me right now. My sciatica has started for this pregnancy and I was hoping it wouldn’t start until at I was at least 30 weeks, but…nope. My left lower back and both hips are in pretty intense pain some of the time. I’m hoping it doesn’t get much worse for awhile, I’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see! I’ve got no time for pain! Haha, if only my body felt the same way. At least my body has a very effective way of letting me know when my hips and back have had enough,…I fall down. Not in a scary way, more like in a witchy way, “I’m mellllting, meeeeelllltingggg!!!!!” If I had video of this, it’d be hilarious. Painful, but hilarious. Oh! And also making it’s wonderful debut this week???…Ladies and gents, we have Gas. Yippee. But this reminds me of a funny story from my first pregnancy. I was about 34 weeks or so and was in Target doing some shopping. I was looking at a particular product when it hit me. So, I looked around up and down the aisle I was in to see if anyone was near enough to hear or smell and as luck would have it, no one was! So I tried to let it out as quietly as I could….didn’t work. It was extremely loud and long-winded (yes, pun intended) and horrified, I looked down the aisle to see some guy looking at me with eyes the size of dinner plates. And there I was in the housecleaning section of Target holding what else? Air freshner. Ahhh….this is my life! haha I have learned not to get embarrassed easily because things like this seem to happen to me a lot. I just laugh and re-tell it later:)

Well, I’ve gotta waddle my way over to the kitchen and help clean up from dinner.

Till Next Time,



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