Just a Quickie!

Dear Diary,

Just a quick one today to say that I passed my math final! Woo hoo! Now I’ve just gotta focus on my Biology final in 2 weeks then I’m done! Yay! (well, done for the semester anyway.) I am now in the double digits! YEAH! 99 days till my due date, 26 weeks along tomorrow. Time is FLYING!
I woke up this morning to some “brain food” in the form of scrambled eggs and cheese with pancakes made by my awesome hubby:) Date night was really fun last night! We went out for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, both of us were in such a lighthearted mood, we laughed most of the way through dinner. So refreshing! Then a quick jaunt to Michael’s and Target (because sometimes, date night has to be just a little practical) and then to Starbucks for a chat:) Fun times! Well, sadly, today’s entry has to be short, I’ve gotta go get busy on making some serious lasagne! Ciao!

All set for lasagne making in my apron! (26 weeks pregnant tomorrow!)


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