Dear Diary,
Wow Friday could not have come at a better time! I am so excited to be spending the weekend with some dearly loved people:) Tyler and Krista are coming over tomorrow night and I am making lasagne…yum! So excited to see them and spend some time with them, it’s been awhile:( Then hopefully my folks will be coming over on Sunday afternoon…I have yummy food ideas, so they better;) hehe. Getting things accomplished has been slow going today sadly. Firstly I was completely unmotivated to do anything except sit on my comfy couch all day and “watch soap operas and eat bon-bons.” But the floors needed my attention so I got myself together and swept the floors downstairs. I felt this great sense of accomplishment and was about to do a happy dance when I suddenly found myself doubled over with a contraction. Time to go lay down. Luckily my kids were busy playing together and got along pretty well this morning which was very helpful. I felt better after awhile, so I got up to do more, but then I realized I was starving…again. So I had to stop and have a snack. Stop, go, stop, go, stop, go. Ugh so frustrating! After my short snack, I have the kiddos a bath. Thank you God, they are both doing SO much better with baths. Lilly has never enjoyed baths since she was tiny, and even though she gets baths about every other day, up until about 2 weeks ago, she would scream bloody murder the ENTIRE time. Didn’t matter what I sang, what I said, how long or short the bath was,…where there was a bath, there would be screaming. Then recently, Jadon, who has been fine with baths since he was about 12 mos old decided to revert and start fussing whenever I would wash his hair. He loves to be in the bath and play, but the minute you put water on his head, he would just go ballistic! So then I would have 2 screaming children in the tub and as my belly got bigger, it became more and more taxing on my body (not to mention my nerves! haha) to give baths. Well, lately, they both have been doing better which is awesome. Lilly still isn’t a huge fan of bathtime, but she will be still and not cry while I wash her and rinse her and then she says, “Okay Mommy, I’m all done.” So I get her out and she plays in her room while Jadon finishes his bath. It’s funny how without even thinking about it, you develop little routines that you don’t even think about until someone asks you or you are blogging about it in your diary:)

Tim tried to help me study for my math final which is on Saturday morning (any and all prayers for that would be awesome!) and honestly, it was painful. My brain physically hurt. I don’t know why it is, but being pregnant and in school is probably one of the hardest things (mentally) I have ever done. My brain feels like mush and I cannot remember anything. So no matter how much I study, it feels like I can’t recall squat. Lame sauce. Well, I’m done with my math class after this weekend and then I only have 2 more weeks of Biology and then my semester is OVER! WOO HOO!

Tonight is my favorite night of the week: DATE NIGHT! Date night is my tall cool drink of water after a long week. No, wait, Tim is my tall cool drink of water,…but you know what I mean:) It’s refreshing to have just a few hours to relax, not worry about the kids and talk. It is my firm belief that couples should never stop dating. Ladies, there shouldn’t even come a day when we don’t get butterflies when we think of our man coming home to us and whisking us around town for a date. Let’s never stop dressing nicely for them, shaving our legs, doing our hair and showing them that we value the time and money they spend on us for Date Night. Of course, I definately realize that the more kids you add to the mix, the more difficult it is sometimes to find time for dressing nicely, shaving and doing hair! But find or make some time before that hot date to freshen up and look good and I can pretty much guarantee if you’ve got a good man, he’ll appreciate it. (even though he probably won’t say it haha….ahhh men) It is such a passion of mine keeping the romance and spark alive in my own marriage, I’ve often thought of writing a book with Tim for couples about this. Maybe after he completes his master’s degree, we’ll have some time to think about it:) Maybe I’ll start a blog about it! haha. Well, the kids are finishing up their lunch, which means my breaktime is done-zo.

Till Next Time,



One thought on “TGIF!

  1. As you were talking about shaving legs, my hand automatically went towards my legs….. They need some attention! Thanks for the reminder!
    As for date time, I don’t know, it seems like we both need quiet time in our own way but I guess we need to start our date time. It has been a while. I hate to leave Abrielle behind. She is so much fun! We love our time together, the three of us. But for the romance part we should squeeze a day or two a month soon!
    Love your blog. Keep writing! I love reading your blog sweetie!

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