It’s In Your Head

Dear Diary,

Last night shopping with my Mom was fun! It’d been awhile since I’d seen her, she’d been sick for awhile and didn’t want to pass it along. It was great to get outta the house and talk to a non-toddler! Hopefully they can come over on Sunday after church and hang out so we can see everyone!

So last night before going to sleep, Tim and I were sitting in bed and talking. I like when a conversation starts with, “So do you ever…?”  (Example: So do you ever just start singing somewhere in public before you realize you are in fact, in public? -answer: yes) Anyways, my question was: “Hey babe, do you ever like listen to songs just in your head?” He gave me one of those looks like, “You’re kidding, right?” and I said, “What? Don’t you? Like when you’re bored or waiting for something and it’s quiet and you just start listening to a song in your head.” I was hoping for a “Oh yeah! I do that all the time.” But no. Instead, I got a laugh. I got a little embarrassed and for some reason continued talking…”Well, okay fine then do you ever translate a song into spanish and then sing it in an epic mexican man voice?” This time the look I got was, “Okay WHAT have you been smoking?!” more laughter. I said, “I’m serious!” I then proceeded to give him a demonstration of said “epic Mexican Man voice” and just laughed. “Seriously?!” I exclaimed, “You don’t do that?” Tim just kept laughing and said, “Who does that?” Well obviously I do. Please tell me someone else out there does this, or Tim may have me committed and I can tell you now, it’s hard to look fabulous in a straightjacket. So after all this embarrassment and such that I would have just STOPPED TALKING!!! Uh, yeah no. Not what happened. Tim asked me (to make fun of me, not being serious) “So do you have parties in your head?” “YES!” I said, hoping the next thing out of his mouth would be, “Okay, yeah I do too!” (If you haven’t noticed yet, I tend to be very gullible and can’t always tell when someone is mocking me…it gets me and my pride in trouble…a lot.) I looked over at Tim and he just burst out laughing again. I said, “No really! When life gets boring, you just say, ‘Okay I’m checking out, life’ and go to a party in your head!” You know when you’re laughing so hard, you just get really quiet and your nostrils just twitch? Well, I looked over at Tim because he got quiet and expected understanding at last (why, I don’t know) and…got the nostril twitching laughter face instead. I said, “Humph” and poked him which only made him laugh harder which I didn’t know was possible at this point. I was getting a little grouchy at this point and said, “Well, dear, glad I amuse you.” Then he said something sweet (which sadly I don’t remember) and it was all better. I am glad I amuse him! He can get rather serious sometimes, but I can usually get a laugh or smile out of him often without having to try. Isn’t it nice that we balance out? I love it!

Baby is curled up on my right side and is going to town kicking away! Ouch! Ribs are now part of the target practice and I really hate kicks to the ribs:( booo. Luckily, Baby didn’t keep me up last night and I was able to get a great night’s sleep! Happy mommy! I had this great dream last night where Tim and I were grocery shopping and he brought me a poem he had written for me. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it was about how he was glad I was his wife and the mother of his kids. It was so sweet, when I woke up this morning, I was in the best mood and I told him about my dream. “You’re so good, you earn brownie points while you’re sleeping!” He just smiled and kissed my forehead. I think he was happy I was happy when I woke up. Often when he comes to say “goodbye” before he leaves, he has to wake me up and I am like “the thing.” I am sure it’s a nice change of pace to say goodbye to a sweet smiling face instead of a big hairy scary monster who cannot speak conherently.

I’ve gotta study big time for my math final which is this Saturday morning. Tim’s gonna help me with that tonight. I am not looking forward to that:( So excited that this semester is almost over! Woo hoo!

Till Next Time,



4 thoughts on “It’s In Your Head

  1. I totally sing in my head, party in my head, make different accents in my head, and desire to one day sing a song in spanish comforatbly because I would know ALL the words. So you are not alone. I’d like to think it’s us cool people who know how to stay entertained at least in our minds, especially if they don’t turn off. LOL!

  2. HeeHee! You must get this from me! One of the fun things about being a stay at home mom is you don’t always have to do these things just in your head! 😉 I used to think people would think I was crazy if they witnessed some of the fun, silly things only you kids were subjected to!

  3. Absolutely, I sing in my head! Who doesn’t?? Just yesterday I was in a line at a store and suddenly realized that I was singing out loud because the lady next to me turned and smiled at me kind of funny. Oh well, I had a good time singing that song!!

    Keep singing Ash! And throw in a little happy dance too! 🙂

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