Kicks and Giggles

Dear Diary,

This baby is sitting very low and has been jumping on my bladder like it’s a trampoline all morning! It’s nice that I am at home though, I hate being somewhere public when this happens! So embarrassing to gasp in horror every few seconds thinking you’re gonna lose it. People look at you funny. I hate when people look at me funny. If I had any super power, it’d be mind reading, that way I would know what people are thinking about me! haha.

I did some more painting last night while sitting up on a stool and it was great!….Till my feet started to get puffy. Pregnancy can be such a mood killer! I had to stop and go put my feet up. Tim came downstairs and sat with me. We watched and laughed as my stomach started lurching from one side to the other. Looked like something was trying to get out! The days of “Awwww how cute!” whenever Baby kicks are rapidly coming to an end. Now it’s more like, “Oh sheesh, Baby, give me and seemingly bruised uterus a break please!” And sadly, one of Baby’s active times is right around 10:45pm-11:30pm when I am trying to go to sleep. Well, I am well over halfway there and very excited!

Today has started out rough so far. Jadon woke up grouchy this morning. I hate when my kids wake up grouchy, I know it’s gonna be a long day. Lilly has been in a great mood, but she is doing everything she can to get her brother into trouble. She’ll shoot me this SUPER sweet little smile over her shoulder before she creeps over to Jadon to poke him, or take his car, anything really to get him to react in a way he knows he’s not supposed to. Then when he erupts, she giggles like crazy and runs away as fast as she can. Wow, girl…just…wow. Isn’t funny (in a weird twisted way) how early your kids learn how to push each other’s buttons? And GOOD they are at it? Silly children. I don’t really worry about this 3rd one and how Jadon and Lilly will share or play with him/her. I think the biggest hurdle is probably teaching 2 kids to get along, once you add a 3rd, it’s not as big of a transition. We’ll see though:)

My kid’s favorite prime time TV show right now is Dancing With The Stars. I will have to put up some video of them “watching” it. Although they really could care less what the people on TV are doing, they are just in it  for the music. Both of them just love to dance! They dance by themselves and together. Every night they ask me if “Stars” is on:) If it is, Lilly runs around and tries to skip while chanting, “Dancing Stars! Dancing Stars! Dancing Stars!”  So fun haha.

Well, I’ve gotta go “mediate” another clash of the titans. Is it naptime yet?!:)

Till Next Time,



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