Sunday Naps

Dear Diary,

What is it about Sunday naps that just feel so much better than naps on any other day? Mine today was heavenly! Woke up and made seriously the easiest dinner I think I’ve ever made. It’s that Campbell’s Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole. I’ve never made it before, but if it turns out yummy, I will DEFINATELY be making it again! It seriously took me only a few minutes and in one hour, presto- let there be dinner! Right now Tim and the kids are “Playing video games.” This means that Tim is actually racing the cars, but Jadon and Lilly have controllers plugged in and think they are the ones driving. So funny haha. I wonder how long we can keep this up before they find out we’ve been tricking them? As I crawled into bed last night I confessed to Tim, “I know these kids wear me out, but man, I love being a mom. Totally beats any other job I would have right now.” Tim seemed a little suprised and said, “Really?” I continued, “Yeah, everyday, you go to work and do the same thing, you get up at the same time, take the same route, go to the same office building and talk to the same types of people. I get up and get to have this adventure with two adorable little people who are never the same from day to day!” And it’s the truth! Thankfully, Tim likes the stable feeling of his job and he doesn’t envy me mine:) I literally get to be all the things in this world that I wanna be for and with my kids.

Nurse- I get to kiss “owies” and clean out ears, give medicine and take temperatures.
Actress- I get to pretend and be all sorts of fun things with my kids. With Jadon, I am a dinosaur or an animal. With Lilly, I am a Princess or her “baby.”
Chef- I get to cook fun different meals for my family and they actually like my cooking:)
Model- this is a bit different than you’d think, but I daily try to model Jesus and a Godly lifestyle to my kids.
Teacher- I love this one, I love watching my kids learn and retain new and exciting things and I love looking for fun innovative ways to teach them!
Interior designer- Tim bought me this amazing house and let’s me decorate and design it! I LOVE this particular job:)
Singer/Songwriter- I sing to and with my kids because they love music about as much as I do and I get to make up little songs about random things and they love it! haha

So bottom line, I pretty much think I (and all other mommies out there) have the best job(s) in the world! Of course, I have no objection if someone actually wanted to pay me to be any of the above listed things (in case anyone in Hollywood of influence in the movie buisness reads this:) ) haha.

Right now, I am having issues with Jadon teaching him not to argue with me when I tell him “No.” He tries to reason with me and tell me why he should be able to have/do whatever it is I have told him “no” about. As always, I try to understand where he is coming from as I think this helps me better individualize and hone my parenting skills. It’s hard for me because he is so intellectual, it’s hard for him to have the self-control to just say, “Okay mom” and not try to reason with me and I understand completely where he is coming from. There are times when someone tells me something and I feel they do not have all the information so I try to reason with them and present my case. I sympathize with him and such, but in the end, I know it is best if he learns to obey without questioning or arguing. Of course I want him to think for himself and not be a puppet, but where does this begin and simply arguing out of disrespect end? If anyone has thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them!

I am a little worried about Lilly reverting to being a baby once her sibling arrives. She still likes to be held like a baby a lot. Swaddled in a blanket and everything! haha she is adorable but I am worried she will be resentful when I have to hold the new baby to feed instead and have to tell her “no.” I am not in the habit of telling her “no” when she wants to snuggle. I suppose I will just have to stress that she is going to be the big sister and the big helper like “J.J.” and I will have to cuddle and snuggle her as often as I can whenever I am not holding Baby.

Well, that’s all for today, I have to take Lilly to her Pedi for a check-up tomorrow and I have a feeling she will need shots:( Not excited about that, but hey if I’m feeling up to it afterwards, we will have a fun day out shopping!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Naps

  1. I love the Diary idea!! The Blogs are great and right on target.
    Lots of your comments took me back 40+ years to my pregancies – the last of which was your Mom of course.

    I had big babies too – like you. I remember one day when I was about 7+ months pregnant with your Mom and feeling about as big as a barn, I went to my closet and pulled out a shirtwaist dress and put it on and managed to get it fastened at the waist…albeit that the waist was situated about 4 inches too high! I remember feeling like a million bucks afterward and still smile when I think of it.

    About feeling Blessed to be at home with the children & being able to have a different day each day…That very same feeling is what used to cause me to say that MEN actually needed liberation – not women! We have the opportunity to have the BEST “job” on the planet!

    I love you and devoured these blogs! XO

  2. Being a Mom is the best and most honorable career there is! How blessed you are to be able to be home with the kids. I love that you’re keeping a record of all the fun you’re having! What a treasure! I’m so blessed to be your mom and to have all those wonderful memories of playing and spending time with you. Love you!

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