Little Ducks

Dear Diary,

Woke up this morning a lot earlier than I wanted to and couldn’t go back to sleep. Very frustrating. So I cried. Stupid hormones. I hate when my hormones get the best of me and make me cry for lame reasons. Then I feel stupid for crying and that makes me cry harder. It’s a vicious cycle,  I tell you. Poor Tim thought it was his fault, but it wasn’t. I was just tired. So my patient and loving husband asked me what I wanted for breakfast and is making me some scrambled eggs with cheese:) Yum! I hope nothing bad happens to the eggs while he’s making them because in this state of sleep deprivation, I’d be bound to cry and make him feel bad. There are few things in this world that make me cry when I’m not pregnant, but when I am, all bets are off. When I was pregnant with Jadon, I made a casserole with mozzerella cheese on top. Well, I forgot about it and the cheese got overdone. Tim said it was fine, but I HAD to make the perfect casserole! So in a frenzy, I pulled the darn thing out of the oven, pulled the burnt cheese off and put new cheese on and put it back in the oven and collapsed on the couch in tears. Funny thing was, I knew that it was hormones and that cheese was a silly reason to be so upset, but that didn’t matter, I bawled away for a good 20 minutes or so. The second time around, the cheese came out fine, but I was too upset to eat it at first. I seriously have the most patient husband ever. (Thanks, God!)
Whenever I am out walking around with the kids and we are all holding hands in a row, it’s usually Lilly in the middle and Jadon and I on the outside. I will say, “Come on, little ducks!” and Jadon will say, “Okay, Mommy duck!” and Lilly just quacks haha. Yes, this is a bit silly, but it’s sort of become our thing:) I liked having “things” with my parents when I was little. Little nicknames like “Snickerdoodle” or inside jokes. Do you have any special little “things” with your parents or your kids?

Whew! Tim just brought me the eggs and they are perfect:) GO TIM!

Last night we were watching TV and all the sudden, Jadon points to a heavy set old lady and goes, “Mommy! That’s like you!” *sigh* Thanks a heap, Bug. Tim says it was because someone had just called her “Mom” but I remain unconvinced. Kids say the darnest things. Well, that’s all for now. Maybe I’ll have more to write tonight after this long day:) If not, I’ll write again tomorrow!

Till Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Little Ducks

  1. I totally understand the pregnancy hormones. It seems like I was always cryinng when I was pregnant. Little things got me so much more upset. I also remember feeling bigger than a house – it didn’t help that, with Tim, that’s about what I was. To this day, I remember being pregnant with Tim and being in the bathtub, and Dad walking by and saying “Whale Ho”. (Yes, it did look like a whale in the bathtub, but that didn’t make me feel any better. However, I’ve forgiven him!) I also remember one time when I was pregnant with Tim and I got to laughing so hard that I started crying. Elmon Jr (who was not quite 2) didn’t know what to think and brought me the box of tissues. Those are good memories. Cherish those memories, as our kids grow up so fast (obviously, since I’m sending this to my daughter-in-law!! Love ya

  2. Haha! Jadon is a gem for those comments! Did I tell you that we were reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” the other day and when we came to the part that says the caterpillar was now a BIG, FAT caterpillar, he said, “Like you, Grandmama!” . . . . . terrific. Maybe it’s perspective?? I hope so! Love the blogs!

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